Can I book a room individually or do I have to be part of a group?
You can book individually and we will try to match you up with suitable flat mates e.g. if you only want to share with girls, post graduates etc. If you book individually you will have a single tenancy agreement.
How do I pay my rent?
You can pay your rent as lump sum or in instalments, in which case you will need a guarantor.
What happens if I cannot pay my rent on time?
You will be given 7 days and after the 7 days your parents or guarantors will be contacted and be given 7 days to make payment.

please do not ignore the fact you owe rent please come and talk to us in the office
What happens with house-hold bills?
Your agreement is inclusive of gas, electric, water and drainage utility bills
Do I pay council tax?
If you are a full time student, you do not pay any council tax because you are exempt.
What fees/deposits are payable prior to tenancy?
We require a £100.00 deposit which is registered with the Deposit Protection Scheme until the end of your tenancy.
What if I want to move out before the end of the tenancy?
You will need to find a replacement for your room. This person must take your bedroom in your flat; they must have a UK guarantor, pay a deposit and sign a tenancy agreement.