Reservation Fees

Reservation fees are not refundable unless we are unable to make you an offer of accommodation, in which case we will refund them in full.

You have further cancellation rights if you have reserved exclusively through a Distance Selling method; see the Distance Selling section below.

At the start of your tenancy agreement, the £500 reservation fee will convert to rent.

A 40 week contract’s full rent is £3200 for 2015/2016 and is payable in the instalments as per the tenancy agreement due dates and as listed below.

A Deposit of £100.00 is required which is registered with the Deposit Protection Scheme

1st Instalment £1400.00 due 30th September 2015

2nd Instalment £1400.00 due 10th January 2016

3rd Instalment £ 400.00 due 20th April 2016


If you wish to pay your rent in three instalments, then your parents/guardian will also need to sign the tenancy agreement to guarantee that if you do not pay your rent or if you damage the property in any way, then the cost of all the above is guaranteed to be paid. For more information regarding your guarantor please look at the FAQ's.


Your Tenancy Agreement is your contract with us so make sure you and your guarantor read it carefully.

Rent is payable in advance

Rent is payable in advance. Where rent is paid in instalments then these are due before the first day of each term. Access will not be permitted to rooms to those who have not paid rent.

Term commencement dates for 2014/2015 are as follows.

Monday 22nd September 2014

Monday 5th January 2015

Monday 13th April 2015

Personal Information and your University

In terms of personal information, we reserve the right to share information with the education establishment you are attending for the purpose of personal care, safety and student welfare.

Distance Selling Regulations and Cancellation Policy

If you are making this agreement exclusively by one or more means of distance communication, you have further cancellation rights listed below.

If you have not visited the student accommodation site, or met the accommodation team or a representative of CAS Estates Ltd, and are relying on a distance selling method to book your accommodation, you have the right to cancel your reservation for a period of 7 DAYS from making your reservation and to the return of any reservation fee paid, providing your tenancy has not commenced. You may exercise your right to cancel your reservation by giving notice of the cancellation in writing to the accommodations manager for CAS Estates Ltd by post or e mail.
See your accommodation page for the contact details or the contact us page.